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What does Easy Spelling stand for?

Consistently, scientific reports show a significant number of children finish their education without learning to spell correctly. Consequently, they turn out poor readers. Click Here for research in our blog post, How to teach English spelling for parents and teachers.

At Easy Spelling we are dedicated to having the easiest to use, and most functional online spelling course possible. That's also why Easy Spelling helps learners spell easy.

   Who said you can't learn to spell online? Well, hang on to your hat and let us show you 
We have changed the status quo.

Defining the Problem

Who does Easy Spelling help?
  • Children who are behind with spelling
  • Children with learning disabilities
  • Those for whom English is not the home language
  • Adults who would like to enhance their literacy skills

Without intervention the functionally illiterate person will always remain so. Intervention is crucial
pave a better way for them; the longer a student is left to battle, the harder it will be to catch up. 
In most cases, they may never be able to do so.

What these learners are dissatisfied with?
  • Frustrated with standard spelling instruction
  • Embarrassed in class
  • Considered a wast of a teacher's time
  • Aspirations unfulfilled
  • Methods (e.g.: TAFE, etc.) do not work for them.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare AIHW (2021) reported that 16% of children leave school by the age of sixteen. Moreover, the majority of them never enter permanent employment.

Facts about this issue:
  • The schooling system fails to cater to non-average students (they never have).
  • Teachers are over-worked, poorly trained for the learners who have special needs, and don't have time to care for remedial students.
  • Teachers are not supported by governing bodies. Refer to Opinion Piece, Generational Poverty Click Here

The solution

Easy-Spelling uses the previously applied and tested Jenny Lamond method of spelling instruction, coupled with up-to-date research, delivered on an advanced online platform.

We are one of the few genuinely interactive online spelling and reading courses that offer:

  • interactive questions and answers
  • e-Dictation
  • e-Reading
  • videos
  • audios
  • a text reader for those that have very poor reading skills
  • clear written instruction

The current education system seems to cater for the average or above-average 
students only, 
but what about the learners who require extra help?

Let's take a look at these students with or without intervention:

Without intervention and assistance, students having problems with learning may:

  • Have low self-esteem
  • Think of dropping out
  • Fall further behind their peers
  • Be afraid of being ridiculed by classmates
  • Contemplate quitting school (but leaving school does solve the underlying issues)

After the intervention, these students usually:

  • Become more motivated
  • Develop aspirations for further education and career
  • Feel proud of their self-development
  • Know they can overcome challengers
  • Believe that their parents are proud of them

One-on-one teacher-student tutoring is costly, but Easy Spelling's online course is convenient, budget-friendly, and effective.

Each parent (or teacher-influencer) want to see their children:

  • Become a self-sufficient adult
  • Enjoy regular job prospects
  • Have aspirations
  • Be fully literate in a society that scorns the illiterate

Both parents and teachers may feel just as demoralised as the failing child. They want to 
see their child/student be a happy and well-adjusted member of society.

But what about the so-called 'normal' child?

The Jenny Lamond Method of spelling tuition ensures a significant amount of improvement of spelling skills for all children, regardless of their current level.

Our ongoing commitment is as follows:
  • Continuing research, and applying as required
  • Remaining at the forefront of educational technical (Ed-Tech) developments
  • Improving the UX/IX (user friendliness) of Easy Spelling
  • Easy Spelling is a Social Enterprise company where we offer free courses to not-for-profit's and student's from disadvantaged communities. 
  • Providing excellent service to our students

As a parent or teacher you have always wanted to give ther child the best start. 
We can provide 
you with the right tools and support to achieve that goal.


With a suitable science-based teaching method, delivered in a non-threatening way (via our advanced Ed-Tech), where the student can spend as much time as they require on any aspect (without the frenetic time-frame-classrooms-requirements), we guarantee that all willing students will witness a dramatic improvement in their spelling and reading skills.

What is the reason behind our actions?

The Jenny Lamond Literacy Foundation (TJLLF)

The TJLLF (incorporating Easy Spelling) is a Social Enterprise foundation for the dissemination and tutoring of the 'Jenny Lamond Method'. Like all businesses, it should remain viable to pay salaries and expenses. However, profits beyond that are not distributed to the shareholders; instead, they are used for supporting the teaching of English spelling and reading in disadvantaged communities worldwide.

For every thirty paid registrations, we offer a free course to a disadvantaged child or adult. With available funds, we also train tutors who can work in those underprivileged communities, delivering spelling where it is most needed.

If you are a part of a community of disadvantaged people where learning English spelling will help career development and self-esteem, please contact us to explore how we can help your community, free of charge.

Lastly, Jenny Lamond dedicated most of her teaching career to ongoing research into spelling methods. The TJLLF is a research organisation that focuses on the latest techniques to enhance spelling literacy.

Engaging with society and commerce is a necessity. 
Individuals who lack basic literacy skills will struggle
to fit in and may be excluded from their community.

We continue Jenny Lamond's work by offering spelling and reading support to both children and adults.
For further information on the above, please contact us

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