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An Invaluable (160 page) Phonics Aid

At the heart of early language development lies phonics This invaluable phonics aid is designed to support early language development, guiding educators, parents, and advanced learners through the captivating landscape of phonics.

A comprehensive resource

  1. Easy Spelling’s Sound Dictionary categorises words based on shared sound patterns, enabling learners to recognise and practice similar sounds. Includes authentic examples and usage of contextual sentences.
  2. Seamlessly aligns with evolving curriculum mandates worldwide for phonics education.
  3. For teachers, the dictionary serves as a lesson-planning ally. Streamline preparation, access comprehensive content, and enhance teaching with engaging and effective phonics examples.
  4. Ideal for advanced learners or educators where English is not the first language, providing clear examples and precise pronunciation nuances.
  5. Order now; and unlock the full potential of phonics education.

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